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New West Wing Groups on YouTube

Hey guys, I created two new groups in YouTube. They are the first-ever West WIng-related groups on Youtube.  One's for general media that relates to The West Wing or its actors in interviews, etc. The other is specifically for fan videos.  If you already have an account at YouTube and have your own WW videos, why not add them to one of these groups?!  Or comment on the ones you see there?

1)  The West Wing
--Upload interviews, clips, behind-the-scenes and other videos that are only related to The West Wing (if the actor mentions TWW, or it was during their WW days, etc. Otherwise, if they don't discuss WW, there are other groups created specifically for that actor that you can upload to).

2) The West Wing Fanvideos
This will be a place where vidders can upload their WW fan-created videos for the cast, the couples, the tributes, etc. 

There's a discussion section, so if you'd like to see the group and participate, join these groups now! :-)
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