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New: TWW JD video "Desire" -- in Dual-screen!

Did you love "Desire" in King Corn as sung by Ryan Adams? I did, and wanted to use it for a fanvid, but the episode scenes were already so good that any vid had to have an extra special something. For the first time I used a full-length side-by-side effect to capture the parallel lives of Josh and Donna, and those moments when their hopes and desires finally intersected. 

PREVIEW HERE  with YouTube   
A Downloadable version hasn't yet been uploaded because SaveFile is down, but when it's up, you'll find it HERE.

I assume most already saw the WW scenes, and I used slow-motion on the dual clips, so it'll be doable to follow (i.e., watch) two videos playing at once. JD apart/out-of-sync are on split-screen; JD back together on merged screen. I allowed J/D to switch left/right screen sides (no horizontal mirroring), to keep scenes as originally aired. I spent much time creating this, so I'll appreciate it if you'd please take a moment to comment & Rate the video. Feedback is love. :-)  

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